[ANN] NOWCOIN MARKET GAME – Live today on BitShares Blockchain

[ANN] NOWCOIN MARKET GAME – Live today on BitShares Blockchain

The Game is on! Join Nowcoin and trade to win – HUGE prize fund for 1000 eco-system pioneers

The start of Nowcoin as a market trading game and social experiment is the chance to really be a part of something potentially much bigger. For one thing, the game finishes – yet a new eco-system will be created … bought to us by the Hungarian Cryptocurrency Foundation

“Nowcoin Market Game will be an amazing social experience and tons of fun. We believe that there are many ways for the creation of a new ecosystem. We vote on the fun way. Let’s play together an amazing market game, create a community, have a lot of fun and experience together. At the end, we will all win, if we are successful in setting up a vibrant crypto community.” ~ Dr. Zoltan Toth, Co-Founder – Nowcoin

ICO/Project: NowCOIN
Type of a project: Market Making/Trading Game
Entity responsible: Hungarian Cryptocurrency Foundation
Founder/Speaker: Dr. Zoltan Toth (Law Industry)
BitShares Wallet Account: camitz-green-partners

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More Details

• Social and contacts are available at the footer of the website.
• Links are still under development.
• In order to respect Community, Public API’s and their Contributors, etc. Nowcoin is using a private API Node for the game, with Elastic Search enabled on well specified hardware.
• The website is just a bunch of official API calls organized into a market making game with results and scoreboards.
• Legal/airdrop details: @apasia.tech and Slovenian Non-Profit partner took responsibility by signing a non-profit agreement with Hungarian Cryptocurrency Foundation, where “Final Airdrop” means that at the end of the Game, the complete revenue from the nowcoin-exchange-pool account will be distributed among top 1000 holder accounts.


In the beginning, the total number of Nowcoins will be distributed to the following blockchain accounts:

Founders Pool: 10 million
Special Game Pool: 5 million
Exchange Pool: 50 million
Reward Pool: 45 million

Watch the video



Listen to the full session with the community on the BeyondBitcoin hangout recording from today!

TODAY’S LIVE STREAM RECORDING (May 5, 2018) STARTS 47 mins with Dr. Zoltan Toth (Cued)


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