My non-introduction introduction, plus some meandering thoughts on BitShares and EOS

My non-introduction introduction, plus some meandering thoughts on BitShares and EOS

This is a BitShares community guest post. @FarmerD has a small holding in Canada where he grows organic produce for market, and when not tending to that spends a lot of time supporting fellow BitShares enthusiasts. Farmer has also been regularly volunteering, (and very often available) for 1st line technical support on the wallet help telegram channel. Follow him on


Finally, FarmerD has been steemit approved!

I think I’ll skip the obligatory #introduceyourself post because most of you know me from telegram and because I have already done one. If you are interested in my farm life, feel free to read my introduction here

Mostly I will be talking BitShares and BitShares community-related projects, wallet help, and a few other ideas I have up my sleeve ; )

No technical analysis here folks, predicting the future is not my strength. Besides there are enough people doing a great job of TA (@haejin and @trizle to name two)

As a farmer, although I plan (and plant) for the future, I am much more interested in dealing with the things at hand, things as they are today.

Here is something I’ve been thinking of lately.

After Dan’s comment concerning steemit, specifically building a new and better steemit, I have heard some worry on Telegram of the potential for Eos to eclipse Bitshares with it’s own decentralized exchange.

I myself am not concerned about this.

While I guess potentially anything could happen, there are also countless other scenarios that are just as likely, if not more likely, to play out between BitShares and Eos.

For the fun of it, here are some more big what-if-could-happen scenarios.

  1. Eos never takes off and becomes just another expensive whitepaper…
  2. Dan leaves Eos and starts another project…
  3. Cryptokitties invade the world with their undeniable cuteness…

My point is, we just don’t know what will happen. One thing is for sure, whether BitShares  succeeds or fails is 100% up to the BitShares community.

Myself, I see more of a symbiotic coexistence happening between BitShares and Eos. In the same way that there are more than twenty major stock exchanges working (coexisting) today, so too will there likely be more than one decentralized exchange. People worrying about another exchange are not seeing the big picture, the potential for crypto currencies in general is well beyond one or two exchanges.

Now is the time to put effort and energy into BitShares. BitShares works right now, it isn’t a promise for the future, it works and, in my humble option, it is technologically elegant. Furthermore, in direct contradiction of my above point, that BitShares does not need to be unique to succeed, at this very moment there is nothing like it. Nothing. Let this sink in: your wallet is an exchange…How amazing it is that we, everyday, from anywhere in the world, are able to trade assets directly without any middle person.

For the last 3 or 4 months, myself and a few others including @haruka have been volunteering our time helping folks understand their BitShares wallet. If you’d like to help you don’t need much knowledge to help most people, please join us here on Telegram. We’ll be glad to have you.

Bitshares belongs to each of us. I am a small fish myself but I truly do believe that whether you are a whale or a minnow, BitShares success is in all of our hands.


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