BitShares public node – Slovenia, Balkans by

BitShares public node – Slovenia, Balkans by

BitShares Public Node (RPC) for Slovenia, EU


Carrying on from previous posts where @murda-ra announced nodes we provided, we have set up a further BitShares public node (RPC) in The Balkans.

Since we had noted there is demand in different areas globally for a BitShares public node, are currently opening up in other countries. In such cases, where there is demand and it helps to expand the global footprint of the BitShares network and community, we are providing our support and services. Our presence in Slovenia with a local partner is just a first step, as soon we will also add Sweden.



To a BitShares shareholder in Slovenia – who wishes to remain anon at this time – for coming to us and requesting these professional hosting services. This was no simple case, since the laws regarding cryptocurrency and mining in Slovenia are a little vague at this time, and not everything can be announced how you would expect. In which case we thank them for the additional coordination with their hosting company, making available a specific server which includes SMS and e-mail admin notifications to us in the event of ws [port 8090] protocol being down.

Node is fully synced, up and running, but, before next UI release you of course have to add it manually to connect to it


When you add the node
regardless click ACTIVATE

(A known UI Bug when adding a custom node)



*Image is showing high latency because we’ve done test from Thailand :)*

Stability and Security


– BitShares public node secured with 100% correctly deployed Comodo SSL certificate
– DDOS Protection enabled

Sceenshot above result from

Proudly supporting Bitshares and Bitshares Foundation ( @bitshares.fdn )!

For any issues with the nodes:
please send email to