Graphene blockchain eco-system – Infographic


Graphene blockchain eco-system – Infographic

Graphene blockchain –The technology behind STEEM and Bitshares


The Graphene blockchain is the driving technology behind STEEM ( and Bitshares, and here’s a simple and powerful graphic to get your head around the eco-system. If you want to learn more about all of these, the best way is to join Steemit.Com.

You can learn about all of the companies in the graphic by searching on the social network. With an account you can comment, upvote (akin to ‘Like’), make your own posts, and earn the platforms native crypto. You read that right – earn money for spending leisure time on a social network!

As you build ‘STEEM’, so your earnings increase. Getting something in return for your efforts is the way social media should be. Established bloggers arriving on the platform, have been making hundreds of dollars per post. Others have done the same from consistent effort and finding their niche amongst the networks many interests and communities. Anyone can participate and earn a dusting of free crypto every week for spending time on Steem! Then there are all the companies building on top of the main graphene blockchains, where the technology comes into it’s own.

Steem is a great social platform, even if there is a slight learning curve. Everyone can get paid for participating, and also develop blogging skills on the way.


graphene blockchain ecosystem

source: HuffingtonPost

Graphene blockchain technology is at the heart and foundation of four major cryptocurrencies. We see the Graphene blockchain development toolkit along with the current graphene blockchains built atop of it. These include of course STEEM, the next-generation blockchain based social media network. Within these blockchains, exists a free entrepreneurial marketplace for business services and ‘decentralized Apps’. The largest of these being Exchanges (DEX) and Social media. All are open to public use.

How to make STEEM into cash or Bitcoins?

You can join up on and start blogging, commenting and curating. After you’ve stacked some STEEM or SBD earnings, you can go and trade it on BitShares. Sign up for an account on the DEX, and use the gateway instructions to deposit your STEEM or SBD. Perhaps you have other cryptos also, you can trade it all on the DEX. Just use the gateways. Once your Bitshares wallet is loaded you can trade all the crypto or peg funds such as bitUSD, bitTHB, bitGOLD, and more. Soon there will be local bank gateways from Bitshares, so you can cash out in fiat. In the meantime, Bitshares can be used to transfer Bitcoin, ETH or others to your local gateways for cash out.

These emerging models are where blockchain decentralized communities and organizations show much promise towards the future. Opening brand new possibilities and (and in some cases, autonomous) business models. Look out for future posts about ‘DAC’ (Decentralized Autonomous Companies).