About Us

Who We Are. What We Do. How we do it.

Steadfast in Business Development and Purpose

We have a strong and experienced team working forwards to service both new and existing accounts. Our purpose in business development is clear. We remain steadfast and solid in our goal of empowering our clients to take charge of their online presence.


Our team never stops looking for the best possible solutions to tackle the expanding needs of our clients. Furthermore staying true to our commitment, we have developed and expanded our experience and knowledge to provide full-fledged support and managed services.


Close alignment to business IT enables us to move beyond basic website development services. Most of all, always to provide greater expertise and support in different facets of business development and operations.


In Q2 2017 AP Asia Tech launched blockchain and cryptocurrency innovations. Now open to inquiries regarding your blockchain project, token creation or dApp needs. We specialize in providing a uniquely correct solution.


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BitShares Infrastructure Expansion0%

NodeJS - Modern Web API to Graphene 0%

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What We Do

Websites, Apps and IT for Business

Your website is your corporate online identity. Besides looking good, there are a few things that websites need to have, which most are lacking. It is a multi-dimensional space where a company showcases its identity, then users find interaction. Done right, your website is your business development hub. Most of all, APAsia.Tech doesn’t just deliver pretty websites. We take clients as a complete project with only one goal… the best solution for YOUR business development.


We pride ourselves on understanding what it takes to be MORE.


Because we undertake intensive research and consultations, to understand your business and industry. Refining and nurturing your needs, especially relevant to the business and objectives. As a result of all the extra miles combined, we turn it into something beyond the user experience. Providing our ultimate value in building you a solution that fits.

We tend to deliver unique requests that are not typically available around the world.


Basic elements include:

Corporate web and mobile apps

Web and Apps for long-term business development results. Premium quality, delivered in lasting business logic.

Retina Ready

All images are optimized prior to placement. Thus ensuring eye-popping and beautiful clear representation.

User Friendly

Tested from end-to-end as an end user. Polishing errors along the way, to ensure a flawless user experience.

Fully Customizable

Our platforms come with extensive built-in and user-friendly functions. They can also be extended with custom development.

Responsive Tuned

Apps and web pages are tuned to be responsive. Thus ensuring consistency across desktop or mobile.

Custom Menus

We create branded, custom designs and UI to beautify navigation, while you just set the menu and layout