[BitShares] Delivery Status Report: Global Flash Infrastructure [2018-08-flash-global-infrastructure]

AP Asia Tech BitShares Infra

[BitShares] Delivery Status Report: Global Flash Infrastructure [2018-08-flash-global-infrastructure]

Delivery Status on Worker: BitShares Global Infra

Today we bring you this official report and update on the worker proposal now in operation, and present the public status monitoring dashboard. (see original worker doc). Below is the full list of provisioned nodes with status, along with a quick summary of the work undertaken, including scripts published on GitHub, the node monitoring and reports page, a consolidation of hosting providers, and more.

Previous brief update was posted on bitsharestalk.org thread, linked here:

Infrastructure update 11.09.2018

Nodes added to wallet.bitshares.org by pull request

Check and compare the change request using this link

Pull request is shown (image links to GitHub):


right-click open in new tab to visit

Provisioning & Backup Structure

status website

status200 node report (link)

Currently status200.bitshares.apasia.tech is the biggest node with the largest bandwidth package. We are using that node with automatic backup script to stop one time a week, then collect fresh backups of ‘witness_node’ directory with fully synced blockchain and latest release software, using simple .sh scripts to provision that node to others.

Provisioning Scripts can be inspected from the below image linkQuick and dirty bash scripting with plans to be polished by @murda-ra, perhaps even with interactive as setup in shell – however, already performing the task today

github repo for witness node

right-click open in new tab to visit

Node Monitor Website

More nodes are listed on the status page, since we add them as we provision them, to keep better track of hours towards invoicing.

Reports are now having 100% uptime for 23 nodes in past 7 days, and the 75% SLA (uptime of ALL nodes) in past 30 days exceeds target at the time of writing.

apasia tech monitoring status

Right-click open in new tab to visit

Select a node to view a report as shown in previous screen. Here we see the all clear!

apasia tech monitoring status


Global API Nodes

wss://testnet.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://testnet-eu.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://status200.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK

Asia Nodes

wss://japan.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK

USA West Nodes

wss://us-la.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://valley.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://seattle.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://ncali5.daostreet.com/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://scali10.daostreet.com/wsPremium SSLOK

USA East Nodes

wss://new-york.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://miami.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://chicago.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://dallas.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://atlanta.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK

Europe Nodes

wss://bitshares.nu/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://netherlands.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://england.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://frankfurt8.daostreet.com/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://paris7.daostreet.com/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://france.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK

Alternative Locations

wss://australia.bitshares.apasia.tech/wsPremium SSLOK
wss://canada6.daostreet.com/wsPremium SSLOK

Other Items towards this worker

  1. We have decommissioned AWS nodes (most of the daostreet instances) in order to cut cost with AWS of 1800-2000$ a month for just 9 VPS instances. These have been consolidated to our value-added hosting provider instead.
  2. Escrow partner is invoiced for 1-time setup (reimbursement fees), while on-going invoices (cost of the nodes) will be delivered by 20th September.
  3. For any questions please reply to the bitsharestalk.org thread or find us on Telegram.

NOTICE: If Dallas/testnet node shows strange behavior please report it asap. Those 2 are sitting on one instance currently running multi-websocket with multi-domain NGINX configuration.


The following screen is from the BBF (BitShares Blockchain Foundation) escrow site which you can access anytime here, to track progress of the worker budget expenditure:

worker info

Closing Remarks

Thanks again for your support, votes and comments – look out for the apasia.tech nodes popping up soon when you use the BitShares DEX or add them manually under Settings >Nodes
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